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I am fascinated by our human condition.

What shapes the way that we think, define ourselves and interact with those around us? How do we each go about creating our sense of identity? And how does our identity evolve over time?

My fascination for this topic began when I moved from Beijing to Melbourne in the early 90s and got exposed to different cultures.  Family discussions about the evening news lent me to see the power of information in influencing our daily decisions and interactions.

And thus began my ongoing observation of human behaviour and media economics, as well as formal studies and work across media, marketing and technology. I am fascinated by how these forces impact society, shape who we think we are (and are not!), and relate to others.

Knowledge should be used for good. I am currently building Refni Direct, a human-to-human insights engine that helps leaders and innovators make more informed, inclusive and ethical decisions. I.e. a tool for Responsible Innovation (RI).